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How Swift Builder Is Helping To Tackle Climate Change

At Swift Website Builder, we believe that everyone should do their bit to help tackle climate change.

That’s why for every website launched on our platform, we’ll plant trees. We’ll also fund projects to help offset carbon and climate crisis solutions across the world.

It’s our mission to help businesses succeed online while taking real, tangible climate action. Every business that signs up to Swift Website Builder contributes to a climate positive journey.  

As a starting point, Swift Website Builder has already planted 500 trees and offset 10 tonnes of carbon, as of April 19th, 2021.

70% of the world’s population is concerned about climate change. If you’re one of these people, it makes sense to choose a website builder who also cares. Every website on our platform allows us to plant more trees and offset carbon. You can contribute to funding climate change solutions just by launching your website with us.

Our vision is to connect you to your potential customers and make sure you feel good about doing your bit to tackle climate change. It all starts with one small step. The more businesses that choose Swift Website Builder, the bigger our collective impact will be. 

It’s not all about tackling climate change, it’s also about tackling poverty
Some of the projects we support don’t solely focus on climate change, they also focus on reducing extreme poverty by employing local people to plant millions of trees each year. Your business website has the potential to have a massive impact on climate positive work just by being on the Swift Website Builder platform. 

You can follow our journey at Ecologi

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