Affiliates & Agencies

The Website Builder has an affiliate function where users are rewarded for recommending the platform. They can do this by sharing their own unique link, which allows users to invite others from the system. When a user signs up using the affiliate link the user will receive 15% of the monthly income from that new user’s plan for the length of time they are a paying customer.

  1. Get your unique affiliate link from your admin panel.
  2. Sends the link to your contact.
  3. Your contact uses the link to sign up to the Website Builder.
  4. You receive 15% of the monthly cost of your contacts’ plan for the entire time they use the service.

Affiliates do not need to be website owners, but if they are, the monthly affiliate total earned can be deducted from their own monthly fees. The user will be able to view any money earnt through this affiliate scheme in the back end of the platform. They will be able see the total amount accrued for the full month, and then the user will invoice Website Builder with the unique reference.

If you are an Agency, you will be able to access and manage multiple client accounts under your own login as each website can have multiple users allocated.